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Occupant Protection and Automobile Safety in the U.S. since 1900
Product Code: R-404
Published: March 2012

Child Anthropometry for Improved Vehicle Occupant Safety
Product Code: PT-142
Published: March 2010

Performance Metrics for Assessing Driver Distraction: The Quest for Improved Road Safety
Product Code: R-402
Published: December 2010

Head Injury Biomechanics, Set
Product Code: PT-152.SET
Published: September 2011

Brake Design and Safety, Third Edition
Product Code: R-398
Published: October 2011

Vehicle Accident Analysis and Reconstruction Methods, Second Edition
Product Code: R-397
Published: April 2011

Pregnant Occupant Biomechanics-Advances in Automobile Safety Research
Product Code: PT-150
Published: April 2011

Active Safety and the Mobility Industry
Product Code: PT-147
Published: April 2011

Automotive 2030--North America
Product Code: T-127
Published: August 2011

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