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Implementation of SAE AS6081-Counterfeit Electronic Parts for Distributors
NEW Seminar!
This two-day seminar will begin with background information on the proliferation of counterfeit electronics and the development of a consensus standard for the procurement, detection, reporting, and disposition of these parts.
SAE International
Counterfeit Part Mitigation Resources
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  • In-flight Propulsion Measurement
  • Aerospace Fuel, Inerting & Lubrication Systems
  • Electromagnetic Environmental
  • System Engineering
  • XML Data Dictionaries/Documents
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SAE Counterfeit Electronic Part Mitigation Web Portal - An information clearing house website for the challenges associated with counterfeit parts. Articles, surveys, technical papers on the topic, and upcoming events. Read this month’s feature article: Why an authenticity marking standard is needed now.  An industry/government agreement on an authenticity marking standard is the critical next step for Section 818.
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Counterfeit Part Mitigation Standards by SAE International